Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ASP.NET 2.0 Page Event Life Cycle

                             Hi Friends, in this article i will explain about ASP.NET 2.0 Page Life Cycle.
Main Events :
1. OnPreInit
2. OnInit
3. OnInitComplete
4. LoadViewState
5. OnPreLoad

6. OnLoad
7. RaisePostBackEvent
8. OnLoadComplete
9. OnPreRender
10. OnPreRenderComplete
11. SaveViewState
12. OnRender
13. OnUnload

The events occur in the following sequence. Its best to turn on tracing(<% @Page Trace=”true”%>) and track the flow of events :

PreInit – This event represents the entry point of the page life cycle. If you need to change the Master page or theme programmatically, then this would be the event to do so. Dynamic controls are created in this event.

Init – Each control in the control collection is initialized.

Init Complete* - Page is initialized and the process is completed.

PreLoad* - This event is called before the loading of the page is completed.

Load – This event is raised for the Page and then all child controls. The controls properties and view state can be accessed at this stage. This event indicates that the controls have been fully loaded.

LoadComplete* - This event signals indicates that the page has been loaded in the memory. It also marks the beginning of the rendering stage.

PreRender – If you need to make any final updates to the contents of the controls or the page, then use this event. It first fires for the page and then for all the controls.

PreRenderComplete* - Is called to explicitly state that the PreRender phase is completed.

SaveStateComplete* - In this event, the current state of the control is completely saved to the ViewState.

Unload – This event is typically used for closing files and database connections. At times, it is also used for logging some wrap-up tasks.

Detailed Events
1. Constructor
2. Construct
3. TestDeviceFilter
4. AddParsedSubObject
5. DeterminePostBackMode
6. OnPreInit
7. LoadPersonalizationData
8. InitializeThemes
9. OnInit
10. ApplyControlSkin
11. ApplyPersonalization
12. OnInitComplete
13. LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium
14. LoadControlState
15. LoadViewState
16. ProcessPostData1
17. OnPreLoad
18. OnLoad
19. ProcessPostData2
20. RaiseChangedEvents
21. RaisePostBackEvent
22. OnLoadComplete
23. OnPreRender
24. OnPreRenderComplete
25. SavePersonalizationData
26. SaveControlState
27. SaveViewState
28. SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium
29. Render
30. OnUnload

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