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ASP.NET Interview Questions Part II | .NET interview Questions fot 1-2 years Experience

                     Hi Friends, in this article I will explain about the some interview questions on ASP.NET.I already explained Interview Questions on SQL SERVER Part I | Interview Questions and Answers on SQL SERVER Part I ,Interview Questions in VB.NET, .NET Framework.,Interview Questions and ASP.NET interview Questions .
In which event are the controls fully loaded?
In Page_Load event all controls are loaded.In Page_Init event ,controls are accessed but view state is not fully loaded in the Page_Init  event.
How can we identify that the Page is Post Back?
In ASP.NET we have IsPostBack property,this can be used to check the page is post backed or not.

if (!IsPostBack)
    //Call when page loading first time

 if (IsPostBack)
     //Call when page loading second or higher time

When the page is calling first time then the IsPostBack property is set to false otherwise it will be true.
What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?
The lifespan of the ViewState is based on the life of the current page.This includes postbacks .
The items stored in ViewState live until the lifetime of the current page expires including the postbacks to the same page.

How information about the user's locale can be accessed?
The user’s locale information can be accessed by using the System.Web.UI.Page.Culture property.
What is the difference between SQL notification and SQL invalidation?
The SQL cache notification generates notifications when the data of a database changes, on which your cache item depends. The SQL cache invalidation makes a cached item invalid when the data stored in a SQL server database changes.
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