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.NET Framework Data Providers | What are .NET Framework Data Providers

                    Hi Friends, in this article I will explain about .NET Framework Data Providers ?
In previous article I already explained about What is ADO.NET? and What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?  see once if you need.
.NET Framework Data Providers:
  • Data Provider is nothing but a set of libraries that is used to communicate with data source.
  • The libraries specifically written for .NET applications to connect and work with data sources are known as .NET Framework Data Provider.
  • A .NET Framework data provider is used for connecting to a database, executing commands, and retrieving results.
  • When we are trying to make a connection with a particular data source, we need to let the hardware machine, called server and the operating system know that we wish to connect to a server application, usually called RDBMS.
  • In short it provides object to achieve functionalities like opening and closing connection, retrieve data and update data.
  • We need to connect to the port of that machine and send the request across to the operating system at first, and then that is handed over to the data source application.
The following are the .NET Framework data providers.

1. .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server: It Provides data access for Microsoft SQL Server. We are using the System.Data.SqlClient namespace. It is for Microsoft® SQL Server™ version 7.0 or later.

2. .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB:  For data sources exposed by using OLE DB .It uses the System.Data.OleDb namespace.

3. .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC: For data sources exposed by using ODBC. It uses the System.Data.Odbc namespace.

4. .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle: For Oracle data sources. The .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle supports Oracle client software version 8.1.7 and later, and uses the System.Data.OracleClient namespace.

5. EntityClient Provider:Provides data access for Entity Data Model (EDM) applications. It uses the System.Data.EntityClient namespace.

6..NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server Compact 4.0.:Provides data access for Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0. It uses the System.Data.SqlServerCe namespace.

These are the main .NETdata provider to connecting with the data source , opening with the data source and closing with the data source.

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