Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How to change the colour of a folder in Windows 7 || How to change the folder color | Folder Colorizer

                                      Hi friends in this article I will explain about how to change the colors of folder.
Actually we have seen the folder color as like yellow but we are boring with that color that’s why I searched so many sites and find the software to change the color of folder. Folders boring. Add color!
It looks better. Navigated easier.
You can download the folder colorizer software from the below sites.
Open the softorino.com and download Folder Colorizer after that install the Folder Colorizer.
This is working in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Size: 1.7 MB; Vers. 1.2.2 from Jan 15, 2013

How to change the folder colour?
1.Go to folder ,right click on the folder it will show colorize ,click on colorize it will show some colors like blue,yellow,green,violet etc.,

2.Select color then folder color change automatically.

3.We can change no. of folder’s color.

Its good na.. Thank you reading my blog ,if you like this post appreciate me through comment. It give extra energy to write more posts.

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