Monday, 10 February 2014

SQL Server 2008: XML input parameter to stored procedure and insert XML data to Table

Hi Friends,in this article i will explain about SQL Server 2008 XML input parameter to stored procedure and insert XML data to Table.
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I have taken one table like below.

Create one stored procedure as below.
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_Insert_XMLData] (
 @Student_Details XML ,
 @retValue varchar(20) OUTPUT
SET @retValue='Records Not inserted';

INSERT INTO  [User_details](
COALESCE([Table].[Column].value('USER_ID[1]', 'int'),0) as 'ID',
[Table].[Column].value('Username [1]', 'varchar(20)') as ' Username '
 FROM @Student_Details.nodes('/ Users / User') as [Table]([Column])
  SET @retValue='Records inserted successfully';

select * from User_Details

Execute stored procedure as below
Declare @retValue1 varchar(50);
Declare @XmlStr XML;
SET @XmlStr='<Users>
EXEC [SP_Insert_XMLData] @Student_Details=@XmlStr,@retValue=@retValue1 OUTPUT
print @retValue1

The output of above stored procedure excute as above.

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